Fixing the wrong bug.

This is hilarious. I had Player, the server side object that tracks the connection to a smartphone for a single player, have a heartbeat ping because often players would just stop playing on their phone by having their browser go into the background. In such a case they aren’t disconnected from the server. So there’s this idle player in the game waiting for a networking message. Maybe “waiting” is the wrong word, rather it’s as though the player is making no input.

I wanted to remove those players so I have a heart beat. If no input from the player comes in 5 seconds I ping the player’s smartphone. If no message comes back in 1 second I kill the player because his browser is likely no longer active.

So, I’m trying to ship. I test Unity. When the Unity game quits the players are not disconnected. My (bad) intuition says “hmm, the socket must not be getting disconnected by Unity. I don’t remember this being a problem but I’ve almost always tested Unity from the editor instead of exported apps. I’m testing the apps. I try disconnecting it manually using OnApplicationExit. No change. I figure given that maybe because the C# websocket stuff I’m using is multi−threaded it must be that the disconnect not actually getting executed before the app quits.

Fine, I’ll add a heartbeat to the Game as well as the Player. The current heartbeat code is embedded directy in the Player object. I look at the code and see the Player is not deleted when it’s changed into a Game. I try refactoring the code so the Player’s heartbeat just keeps going but I run into issues. Revert all that and decide to implement differenty. I’ll make the heartbeat code a separate class and have both the Player code and the Game code use it separately. Run into issues again and revert all that.

I figure that my heartbeat should go at a lower level than it was. It shouldn’t be at the Game / Player level it should be at a layer between WebSockets and that. I implement that. Spend 60−90 minutes debugging. It finally works.

I go back to my Unity sample and test again. Controllers still don’t get disconnected when the game exists even though I know the ping is working.

I finally realise the issue has nothing to do with disconnecting. That was working all along. The issue is there’s a flag the game can pass disconnectPlayersIfGameDisconnects. In JavaScript it has 3 values. undefined (the default), true and false. Just a couple of days ago I added it to C#/Unity. It defaults to false in C#! DOH!!!! Changed it to default to true.

All that work adding a ping at a lower level had nothing to do with anything. Works. 6−8 hours mostly wasted. Well, let’s hope that’s better anyway 😛

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