I shipped!

superhappyfuntimes.net IS NOW LIVE!

Like I mentioned previously I’m pretty worried it can’t handle the traffic because it’s using meteor. I’d like to re−write it to just be as simple as possible but it’s time I don’t have at the moment so I’ll cross my fingers.

It’s version “super−alpha” which means I’m sure there’s 1000+ issues. You can seem some of them listed in the todo file in the repo. I’m sure I should be using issues or trello or something else to track todo’s but at the moment since it’s only me I find editing a text file a lot easier. If people start contributing I’ll have to move to something else.

But, that said, it does seem to work. The steps to run are probably less than obvious though. Listed below

  1. Download HFT and install it (see note below!)
  2. Run it
  3. Click the link for "superhappyfuntimes.net"
  4. Install a game
  5. Launch the game
  6. Make sure your phone and friends phones are on the SAME NETWORK as your computer.
  7. On the phone go to happyfuntimes.net

That’s it.

So many things to do and so many ways to make it smoother that I have to work on but it seems to work

Note: Please if you made a game migrate it to the new system so you can post it on the gallery.

NOTE: On Windows 8 (and 7?) Windows will block installation. Windows now requires your code to be signed. Signing costs $200−$500 or if you’re lucky you can get a free signature for open source project. I’ve applied but I haven’t heard back yet. Hopefully I get that issue solved. For now, after you download the installer, you’ll have to go to your Downloads folder and double click it. You’ll probably get a message something like

Windows Protection

Click “More” and you’ll see this.

Windows Warning

Click “Run Anyway”. After that you’ll have to find HappyFunTimes. On the start screen there’s a tiny message at the bottom

Windows New Apps

After that you’ll find it under H

Windows HappyFunTimes

If I’m lucky adding the signature I mentioned above will remove some of these steps.

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