Making HappyFunTimes into a Platform

I’m in the process of making HappyFunTimes into a platform! What does that mean? It means I want the following

  • A user facing installer for OSX and Windows That means the user can just download some file and install it and start playing games with friends
  • An App Store Running HappyFunTimes will present some UI similar to XBox/PS3/XBoxOne/PS4 where you can pick installed games, browse for more, install them.

I could use lots of help ☺

The basic parts.

  • Need to make native installers for HappyFunTimes
  • Need to make store UI
  • Need to make it possible to easily install games from store (guessing a custom extension handler might work)
  • Need to setup database of games
  • Need to make individual games installable

Yes there are a lot of details but I don’t think it’s too big a project. I’m planning to leverage as much as I can on existing stuff. For example maybe I can use npm to manage the games.

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