New Version Coming Soon

I’ve been trying forever to ship a Unity3D plugin. After seeing Uniduino though and working with the art/design students at UCLA I felt like I needed to do a lot more work before shipping it. Lots of docs, videos, etc… Still not done but

I was going to try to push it today and …. my mac broke. Sigh….

Anyway, hopefully I can push out a new App soon and get the plugin out as well.

The latest plugin does a few things the old one didn’t

One it handles the name system a little better. The old manual way still works but otherwise NetPlayer.Name will always hold the current user’s name. If you want to know if it changed add an event listener to NetPlayer.OnNameChanged

Another is the plugin will now launch HappyFunTimes if it’s not already running. Similarly if it can’t launch it it will direct you to install it. Hopefully that will make it easier for non−techies to get started

Also added a PlayerConnector script. Most of the examples use the PlayerSpawner script which spawns a prefab anytime a player connects. This allows many players to play. 10, 20, 30 is not uncommon.

The PlayerConnector script on the other hand helps you to connect players to GameObjects already in your scene. That fits the use case that many users have that just want to use the phone for input but don’t want to support lots of players, just the 1 − 4 they have already in their scene.

The PlayerConnector also has the option to let a disconnected player reconnect. You can set how many seconds they have until their player is given to someone else waiting to play. You can also swap players. So let’s say you have a 3 player game and 5 people connect. 3 play the game, when one dies you can tell HappyFunTimes to swap out that person for one of the other players waiting to play. You can use a similar feature boot out all players at the end of round and take the next set of waiting players.

Hopefully you’ll find those features useful…. once I get access to a machine I can code on (current at an internet cafe)

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